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SmartWeb Help | E-conomic integration

1. About the e-conomic integration

With SmartWeb's e-conomic integration products, variants, deliveres, gift wrapping, discount codes and orders are automatically syncronised with E-conomic. The integration runs every 15 minutes and is technically independent from your online store. The great advantage is that your online store is never affected by the Integration performance-wise. On the other hand it is a disadvantage that you have to wait 15 minutes for the update to be completed in E-conomic.

When you use the E-conomic integration there are some fields that are locked in the online store. For instance the fields "Product number" is locked. The reason for this is that the integration uses "Product number" to link products from your online store with products in E-conomic. When you activate the Stock module in E-conomic you also need to activate it in SmartWeb. When you have done this the field "Stock amount" is also locked in SmartWeb. The reason for this is of course that you wish to manage your stock through E-conomic. Furthermore this influence the "check out process" on your online store, where the stock is not noted when a customer completes an order.

Another noticeable difference when you run the E-conomic integration is that you get an "E-conomic" column under "Orders" in the tab "Online store", where you can see if the order is syncronised.


As shown in the illustration the Integration is a two-way integration. From SmartWeb to E-conomic products, variants, deliveries, gift wrapping, discount codes and orders are syncronised. While the Stock amount for all products (and variants) are syncronised from E-conomic over to SmartWeb.

The Integration never record automatically. Every order from SmartWeb is created as a temporary invoice. The only thing you need to do is therefore to highlight the temporary invoices you wish to record and click the "ok" button in E-conomic.
The Integration never deletes anything from your E-conomic account. At times it may happen that an order is created only "partially" (there might be some lines missing). In this case the Integration removes the temporary order.

When running the integration it is also important that you create your products in the online store first (and not in E-conomic first). You can of course create products in E-conomic that are not sold through your online store. These products can be created the normal way in E-conomic.

When runninh both the Integration and with Stock control turned on the entire stock is managed through E-conomic.

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