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SmartWeb Help | E-conomic integration

2.1. Account settings

The first thing you need to do in SmartWeb is to fill in "Account settings", otherwise you will not get access to the other settings.



Agreement no., User-ID and password
You need to enter the agreement no., user-ID and password that E-conomic has given you.

E-conomic stock module
You need to select "Yes" for "E-conomic stock module" if you have this turned on in E-conomic. If you do not have the module in E-conomic it is self explanatory that you cannot turn it on in SmartWeb either.


Stock mode
When the stock module is active then this field will determine which field e-conomic uses as stock indicator. In Stock is used at standard, but Available can also be chosen. 

For ”Status” you can select if the integration should be running or if it should be paused. If you set it to pause your online store will not be syncronised. 

Under some circumstances the integration will pause itself. This might happen for instance if some of the account settings are incorrect.

For ”Notifications” you can select if you want to have a message (e-mail) every time the integration is syncronised. The informations in this notification are the same as the ones you can see from the history in the control panel.

Notification e-mail
For ”Notification e-mail” you need to enter the e-mail address of the person who should receive the notification.

Notification contact
For ”Notification contact” you need to enter the name of the person who should receive the notification.

Add product numbers yourself
If the field ”Add product numbers yourself” is set to ”no” the integration will automatically fill in the product number for you. If you select "yes" it means that you need to enter a product number manually for every product. If you do not enter a product number the integration will not syncronise the product.

When you control the product numbers yourself you need to be aware that the product number cannot be changed, once the product is created in E-conomic. This is because you cannot edit the product numbers in E-conomic.

Additional choices shown on invoice in E-conomic
For this setting you can select if a product's additional choices should be shown on the invoice in E-conomic.

Syncronise upon status
In ” Syncronise upon status” you determine when an order should be created in E-conomic. The default is that a temporary invoice is created in E-conomic when you in SmartWeb change an order to "Sent". This means that orders with a different status than this will not be syncronised until they are sent.

Syncronise from order-id onwards
For ” Syncronise from order-id onwards” you can choose which orders that should be syncronised. For instance if you have been running your online store for a year before you get the E-conomic integration you have most likely recorded most of the orders already. If you select to syncronise from order-id "100" onwards, the orders from 1-99 never be created in E-conomic.

It is not recommended to "syncronise backwards" in time. Start to syncronise from the day the Integration is activated on your online store.

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