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SmartWeb Help | E-conomic integration

2.4. Delivery settings

Under ”Delivery settings” you control the settings for delivery of an order. As SmartWeb runs with Delivery calculated by weight, the price of the delivery can wary a lot from order to order. Instead of creating a new product in E-conomic every time the delivery is calculated the Integration creates one Delivery product which is used every time there is delivery charges on an order.

Delivery group
Under the item ”Delivery group” there is a list of the delivery groups that you have created in E-conomic. Please note that the Delivery group is just a product group in E-conomic that has an account number with sale of goods without VAT. It is very important that the Delivery group is a product group without VAT - otherwise E-conomic will automatically add VAT to the delivery (as it is not meant to).

As default ”SmartWebDelivery” is suggested. You don't have to createthis product group in E-conomic, the Integration does this itself. You can of course select a different delivery group that you have created in E-conomic.

Account number, sale of goods without VAT 
Under the item ”Account number, sale of goods without VAT” you need to enter the account number for the delivery group. You need to enter an account number without VAT on it. If it says "Select here" you have not selected an account number yet. Select an account number before the Integration can start.