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SmartWeb Help | E-conomic integration

2.6. Status and history

When the Integration has run you will get a status for the last syncronisation. From the example below you can see that the Integration has updated a product.

You can also see that your E-conomic account is active. "Your E-conomic account" refers to your syncronisation account, which is part of the Integration. It does not refer to your E-conomic. You can deactivate your E-conomic account (in the online store) by setting it to pause under the item "Account settings".

Your E-conomic account can pause itself if there is an error. This is a security procedure to counteract unintended resource usage if there is an error.

If your E-conomic account pauses itself you can look at the history to see if you can find the error. If you cannot find the error you need to contact the support.