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SmartWeb Help | E-conomic integration

3.20. I have an E-conomic account with existing data

Unfortunately it is not possible to move your products from E-conomic over to the web shop. There are only 2 ways and they are to create the products manually in the web shop, or to use the web shop's import function. If you choose to use the import function in the web shop it is important that the format is the same that is used in the web shop. Therefore create an export in the web shop and set up the data in that.

The integration always works by moving products from the web shop over to E-conomic (not the other way around). If you turn on stock control you can get stock status from E-conomic over to the web shop, but syncronisation of products from E-conomic to the web shop is not an option.


When you have created all your products in the web shop the products that does not already exist in E-conomic are created.